Our farm is a six- hectare privately owned area, in the area of Harasso, in Hersonissos Municipality. In 2003, along with the beginning of our study on the Cretan Diet, we acquired our farm, where we planned to cultivate indigenous varieties of vegetables. Our basic principle was to use traditional techniques and to avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so as to produce healthy and safe crops that would have real nutritional value and would not pollute the environment.


This philosophy has been kept alive up to date. We have been cultivating our farm methodically and we have expanded our range of varieties, focusing on the production of long forgotten products of the Cretan Diet, such as “papoules” or “psares” (vetchlings), “manarolia” (grass peas) etc. The cultivation of these unique, forgotten Cretan products is based on our overall attempt to contribute to the revival, preservation and promotion of the wealth of the Cretan Diet, which seems to have been dying out over the years.


In our garden we grow more than 25 kinds of fruit and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons etc. The seeds that we use are of traditional and unique varieties of Crete. In order to achieve a healthy, quality product, harvest and picking of the produce are carried out by hand.


We also have a small private zoo in our farm. There, we raise free-range animals and poultry, which are fed exclusively organic feed.


This special way of cultivation and breeding, based on our long-standing experience on traditional farming, enables us to produce healthy, seasonal products and cater for our restaurant with top quality ingredients on a daily basis.