Our cuisine is based solely on traditional recipes, fresh ingredients from the Cretan soil and the principles of the Authentic Cretan Cuisine, a cuisine full of traditional tastes, aromas and ingredients, which dates back to prehistoric times and still continues to exist.


Our menu, as well as the overall image of our restaurant, is the result of a ten-year study, a lot of dedication on the characteristics of the Cretan Diet and the quest for traditional Cretan ingredients and recipes. We have recorded hundreds of traditional recipes from all over the island, with a view to serving them unaltered, so as to contribute to the revival of forgotten ingredients and recipes of the Cretan Cuisine.


In Peskesi, we consider the use of fresh, quality products a must. All herbs and snails are collected by us. The eggs and vegetables are garden-fresh from our farm, which is cultivated with great care and love. The meat and dairy products are locally produced by Cretan farmers and our wine is made exclusively in Cretan Wineries. Our Cocktails are unique, as they are made of Cretan ingredients, such as must syrup, thyme-honey syrup or milk. All our Cocktails contain at least one Cretan ingredient.